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Welcome to The Language Market, a sequential, self-paced language program designed to make teaching and learning a language fun and easy.


Two stages and six languages are available.

TLM 2007 Chinese Stage A

How is The Language Market different from other software?

  • It has 16 sequenced units with over 200 interactive activities and exercises
  • It is self-contained and completely immersive
  • It covers a whole year of classroom structured learning
  • It was designed by language teachers and uses native language speakers
  • It focuses on form, incorporating explanations, relevant examples and reinforcement activities and exercises
  • It observes, within a unit, the methodological principles of orientating, enhancing,
  • synthesizing and extending
  • It observes the principles of reinforcement and progression within the program to insure mastery of concepts
  • It can be used progressively where learners follow sequenced language activities that cannot be accessed out of order, except in revision
  • It emphasizes learning of Chinese characters, with the use of phonetic support as a guide to pronunciation. (pinyin for Chinese and romaji for Japanese
  • Each stage of the EDUSS Language Market allows the teacher to be the facilitator not the language expert


Stage A: Stage B:
Chinese Chinese
French French
German German
Indonesian Indonesian
Italian Italian
Japanese Japanese

The program can be used in the classroom as follows:

  • As a self-contained program in a distant mode learning situation
  • Individualized learning
  • Small groups in multi-level classes
  • Classes with multiple entry, skill levels
  • Reinforcement for all learners in the classroom and at home
  • A motivation booster for highly computer literate learners
  • A motivation booster for students who are slower on computers
  • Self pacing is particularly good for special needs


Stage A: Stage B:
Chinese Chinese
French French
German German
Indonesian Indonesian
Italian Italian
Japanese Japanese

The program caters to the skills of reading, writing and listening: (Example Chinese)

To cater to the reading skill, the program:

  • uses simplified Chinese characters on screen, while the audio texts also provide hidden pinyin transcriptions;
  • provides reinforcement activities for character recognition by incorporating the characters to make words and sentences
  • fosters and improves reang comprehension of character texts including letters and postcard

TLM 2007 Fremch Stage A

TLM 2007 Italian Stage A

To cater to the writing skill, the program:

  • introduces 100 new characters with the correct stroke order
  • gives examples of how to use these characters in phrases and sentences
  • provides a wide variety of reinforcement activities and exercises incorporating the characters to make words and sentences
  • reinforces awareness of sentence structure in Chinese

To cater to the listening skill, the program:

  • exposes the user to native speakers from northern China, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and Indonesian.
  • provides examples of the pronunciation of words and sentences in character texts
  • provides listening activities and exercises that reinforce vocabulary and language forms in the units
  • fosters and improves listening comprehension of Chinese spoken at natural speed
  • encourages the user to self-direct his/her learning
  • encourages uninhibited language learning
  • provides opportunities for problem solving and intelligent guessing
  • uses a scoring system for each activity to motivate learning and improvement
  • incorporates general knowledge
  • introduces culturally specific information through postcards, language activities, graphics, calligraphy exercises and grammar tips
  • motivates the user to communicate
  • provides practice for the user, to learn from his/her mistakes
  • has four revision units (Units 4, 8, 13 and 16)
  • introduces all functions and vocabulary in a meaningful context through the activities
  • revises and consolidates all functions encountered in each unit

TLM 2007 Japanese Stage A