11 reasons to buy The Language Market:

  1. Lessons that use function and vocabulary in a meaningful communicative context.
  2. Over 6000 spoken words per language.
  3. Interactive lessons which require continuous student response.
  4. Over 6000 spoken words per language.
  5. Practical activities that focus on topics relevant to primary school students.
  6. A scoring system designed to motivate student learning and improvement.
  7. A teaching methodology based on the principles of orientating, enhancing, synthesising and extending, as well as promoting reinforcement and progression.
  8. Grammatical forms that are highlighted through reinforcement activities.
  9. Exercises that incorporate explanations and relevant examples.
  10. The Chinese and Japanese versions of The Language Market provide the student with a calligraphy booth to assist in learning script.
  11. The Japanese version includes seven activity katakana units.
  12. Each stage comes with a comprehensive user's guide.

Each language activity can assist the learner to:

  • Foster and improve listening comprehension.
  • Create an awareness of the basic sentence structure and grammatical features of the target language.
  • Expose the student to the characteristic sounds of the target language.
  • Encourage the student to self-direct his or her learning.
  • Immerse students in the target language.
  • Practice intelligent guessing.