"Hi I just wanted to give you some resoundingly positive feedback on The Language Market Stage B. My year eights, nines and tens have been using it this term and they all think it is fantastic. For year eight it is particularly challenging, but year ten is just lapping it up (especially after not having much computer access all year!). The activities, graphics, grammar explanations and range of topics are all great.

Thanks for making language learning more fun than ever and also for making the lives of language teachers just a little bit easier."

Received 29 November 2001

In the market for languages

Learning a new language can be difficult, but language learning software called The Language Market makes the task a whole lot easier.

Head of Department at Brisbane State High School, Bronwyn Dewar, was so pleased with the program, she's spreading the word.

"I'm always recommending The Language Market to other teachers and to people at home looking to learn a language," she said.
"People who use The Language Market not only pick up a valuable skill, they have a lot of fun doing it."
Bronwyn said The Language Market was different from most language programs.
"It teaches listening, reading and writing skills, all in the one program. "And the sophisticated animation makes it a pleasure to use," she said.
"The program is self-paced, which means you can move through the modules in your own time.
"The software is designed so you can go back and revise sections when it suits you."

From The Courier-Mail, Saturday 23 March 2002.