The Language Market is full of fun animated graphics.

There are two stages of The Language Market - Stage A and Stage B.

Stage A is the basic introduction to a language and is suitable for beginners and young children.

The slightly more complex words, phrases and activities of Stage B further develop the skills learnt in Stage A.

The Language Market has been developed in conjunction with experienced language teachers and experts and incorporates best practice in language teaching.

As the program is self-paced it is ideal for independent learning as well as for small groups in multi-level classes. This means it can also be used as an effective motivational tool for slower learners as well as highly computer-literate learners.

Stage A

Early activities concentrate on single words and short strings. Stage A characters are 2 dimensional, cartoon characters making the program relevant for all ages. Vocabulary is introduced initially in a meaningful context, then approached in different activities through 3 different skill areas; listening and response, reading and response and writing.

Stage B

In Stage B the 3D characters are more sophisticated, a reward to students for having completed Stage A. Activities in Stage B develop longer texts strings and expands to include; Form, Lists of functions and Vocabulary for each unit. Units of work are based around a topic, e.g. greetings. Introductions, leisure, travel, with the grammatical explanations.

To find out more about The Language Market, you can download this pdf information file here. (3.48mb)